Why Westwood Medical Communications?

I’m a Board Certified, professionally trained medical illustrator, with a Master’s degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. I started my career at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It was an incredible place to work and learn. I left Mayo after a decade working closely with many of the world’s leading physicians, surgeons and researchers to start my own company, Westwood Medical Communications.

Since the day I opened my business, I focused on one thing: providing each of my clients with the same level of excellence I experienced every day at Mayo.

It’s all about relationships

I strive to build a creative, collaborative relationship with each of my clients and provide unsurpassed quality and service on matters of any type or size. I am always available to consult with you to help improve your grasp of the often complex anatomy, surgery or pathology involved with your client’s case case or to help you find creative ways to better explain your client’s story to a jury.

Exceptional service

I believe you have a right to expect only the best service and the best trial exhibits possible when you engage my professional services, and for over 30 years, I’ve worked hard to deliver that and more on every case I’ve done.

The exhibits I create memorably illustrate your client’s story and provide powerful, understandable visual proof of injury that not only educates jurors but helps them connect emotionally with your client’s pain and suffering before they walk into the jury room to deliberate.

Persuasive results

I have never had an exhibit challenged by either a judge or defense counsel over a question of anatomical or surgical accuracy. My medical school training along with my surgical experience give me a unique perspective in developing medical demonstrative evidence that is guaranteed to benefit your case.

I’m passionate about medical illustration and using my artistic skills and medical/surgical knowledge to create effective, case specific demonstrative exhibits that have consistently helped my attorney clients win larger judgments and settle more cases.

• • • • •

Even attorneys who feel well versed
in a given aspect area of anatomy
or surgery are surprised at how
much more they can learn about
their client’s injuries when working with me.

William Westwood, MS, CMI

• • • • •

The exhibits that Bill has created
for me have been a significant factor in achieving a $19 million dollar verdict as well as two recoveries
over $5 million and several more multi million dollar results.

Michael W. Kessler, Esq.
Rosenblum, Ronan, Kessler & Sarachan

• • • • •

In a recent medical malpractice
action involving an emergency
room doctor's failure to properly diagnose and treat a mini stroke,
a case extremely complicated from both a liability and causation point
of view, Bill's work was instrumental in enabling us to obtain a favorable verdict. His illustrations became the centerpiece for presenting the case.

D.J. Weis, Esq.
Habush, Habush & Rottier

To find out more about how Bill’s artistic skills, medical knowledge and persuasive exhibits can help your next case, contact him today for a free, no obligation case review and anatomical/surgical consultation. Call 518-432-5237 or e-mail.


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